The precious metal industry in Switzerland

The Swiss precious metal industry has a long tradition. It occupies a key position in the Swiss economy since it is responsible for an important percentage of Swiss exports. The Swiss precious metal industry is extremely competitive and has an excellent reputation worldwide.

The ASFCMP Association

The ASFCMP is the Swiss precious metal industry association. Its origin in its present form goes back to 1978. Today, the private non-profit organisation has 14 members who are all involved in dealing in and processing precious metals. The purpose of the association is to contribute towards further development of the Swiss precious metal industry and to promote its members’ interests with regard to the general public, politics, and national, as well as international, regulatory authorities.

Our members offer high quality products and rank amongst the most recognised processors of precious metals worldwide. In Switzerland the most modern processing technology is used to process precious metals. The expertise passed on for generations is highly regarded throughout the world.

Refining precious metals
a Swiss success story

The precious metal industry is a Swiss success story based on the country’s competitive advantages and contributing to its prosperity. This success rests on extremely strict basic statutory conditions which have helped to give Swiss manufacturers a pioneering position and which set standards for the international gold market. This success is also based on underlying competitive advantages, in particular on tight management, a feel for innovation, skilled personnel and close links with sectors downstream, such as the watch and jewellery industry and the banks.

The precious metal industry contributes to Switzerland’s prosperity by creating 1500 direct and 1000 indirect jobs. These are skilled jobs requiring a high degree of competence and offering wages above the average customary in manufacturing.

The leading position Switzerland occupies in the gold market worldwide is strategically important given its growth potential. The watchmaking industry, an important sector providing more than 55,000 full-time jobs in Switzerland, and the refining of precious metals, create a high value-added industrial community allowing mutual benefits of the synergies for success.

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