Neuchatel, June 27, 2022 – Following a meeting between representatives of the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), the Wakoborun Munduruku Women’s Association of the Tapajós region, the Xingu Vivo para Sempre Movement, the Volta Grande do Xingu Guardians Nuclei, Amazon Watch, the Society for Threatened Peoples (STP/APA) as well as  Brazilian and European academics, Swiss refiners Metalor, PX Précinox and Argor- Heraeus, MKS Pamp, Valcambi, along with the Swiss Association of Precious Metals Manufacturers and Traders (ASFCMP), would like to state the following:

1.   We condemn all illegal mining including the one in indigenous areas of the Amazon region

2.   The uncontrolled use of mercury is irretrievably destroying the habitat of indigenous people and must be stopped.

3.   The Brazilian government must protect the indigenous population as well as the environment and ensure that violence against the indigenous population by illegal mine operators is stopped.

4.   Indigenous and traditional communities must have the right to free, prior and informed consultation and consent on projects that affect their territory, their environment, their economic, social and cultural rights, and their customs;

The signatories are also aware about popular and indigenous opposition to the PL191/2020 bill that would open up indigenous lands to mining and other commercial activities.

They hereby confirm:

5.   Their commitment not to deal with gold from indigenous territories of Brazilian Amazon, and to take the necessary technical and humanly possible measures in order not to take, import or refine illegal gold including the one from Brazil by tracing and identifying this gold;

6.   Condemning and rejecting any mining activity linked to the protected areas of the Amazon without the free, prior and good faith informed consent of the impacted communities;

7.   Their critical assessment and fundamental concerns regarding negative effects of the PL191/2020 bill.


Swiss Association of Precious Metals Manufacturers and Traders (ASFCMP) (Participant at the meeting)
Argor-Heraeus (Meeting participant)
Metalor (Meeting participant)
MKS Pamp (Non-participant at the meeting)
PX Précinox (Meeting participant)
Valcambi (Non-participant at the meeting)

About ASFCMP – Founded in 1978, the Swiss Association of Manufacturers and Traders of Precious Metals (SVPMA) comprises 13 companies that process and trade in precious metals. Through its 13 members, the ASFCMP represents 95% of the precious metals melted and refined in Switzerland, 90% of which is gold and creates about 1,500 direct and 1000 indirect jobs in Switzerland. The Swiss refining industry complies with the guidelines of the London Bullion Market Association as the leading authority in this field and with those of the OECD regarding responsible procurement of materials from conflict or high risk zones. At the federal level, its companies are subject to Money Laundering Law (LBA) and the Precious Metals Control Bureau, which is connected to the Federal Customs Administration.

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