The Swiss Association of Manufacturers and Traders in Precious Metals (ASFCMP)

The ASFCMP is the association that represents the Swiss precious metal industry.
Founded in 1978, today the association comprises 15 companies that process and trade in precious metals.
Through its members, the ASFCMP represents 95% of the precious metals melted and refined in Switzerland, 90% of which is gold.

Our aims

  • Contribute to the development of the Swiss precious metal industry and highlight the important role this plays in our economy.

  • Represent the interests of its members with the general public, political authorities, as well as national and international regulatory authorities.

  • Promote and support the initiatives of this industry of excellence as regards ethical, economic, environmental, social, technological and human aspects.

  • Collaborate, as the industry’s key contact, with media, academia, and other professional organisations in order to continue constructive and clear dialogue with all parties involved.

A shared code of conduct that supports the excellence of the Swiss industry.

In June 2019, members of the association signed a code of conduct which incorporated, in a shared vision, the principles of responsibility linked to their activity. Importers, refiners-smelters, manufacturers and users of precious metals commit to respect these principles in order to support the excellence of the Swiss industry as a whole, as regards sustainable development.

These standards mainly relate to ethical trading, strict respect for and development of regulations, the responsible use of resources, protection of the environment and the desire for transparency within the industry.

If any members breach the code of conduct they will be penalised. The penalties incurred range from a simple warning to dismissal from the association.


  • Christoph Wild, President

  • Antoine de Montmollin, Vice-President

  • Sabrina Karib, Secretary General

Our members

A not-for-profit private association, the ASFCMP comprises 15 members who all work in the processing and trade of precious metals. These members employ around 1500 people in Switzerland and create 1000 indirect jobs.

Our partners

Swiss institutions

  • The Federal Council

  • Customs Administration

  • FINMA and SRO

  • Precious Metals Control Bureau (BCMP)

  • SECO 

  • Better Gold Initiative for Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (BGI for ASM)

  • Swiss Better Gold Association (SBGA)) 

  • DFAE

  • Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH)

  • Association Suisse des maisons spécialisées en Horlogerie et Bijouterie (Swiss Association of companies specialising in Watchmaking and Jewellery) (ASHB)

International institutions

  • LBMA

  • World Gold Council

  • Responsible Jewellery Council

  • OCDE

  • EPMF European Precious Metals Federation

  • LME London Metal Exchange

  • LPM London Platinum  and Palladium market

Academic partners

  • UNIL 

  • Crea