The precious metal industry in Switzerland

The precious metal industry has a long history within Switzerland. It plays an essential role in Switzerland’s economy, generating a high percentage of national exports. The Swiss precious metal industry is extremely competitive and has an excellent reputation worldwide.

The precious metal industry draws on the country’s competitive advantages and contributes to its prosperity. Its success rests on an extremely strict legislative framework that has made Swiss producers pioneers within the profession and authorities in the international gold market. This success is also based on underlying competitive advantages, in particular on rigorous management, a sense of innovation, skilled personnel and close links with downstream sectors, such as the watch and jewellery industry and banks.

The precious metal industry contributes to Switzerland’s prosperity by creating 1500 direct and 1000 indirect jobs. These are skilled jobs requiring a high degree of competence and offering wages above the average customary in the industrial sector.

The leading position Switzerland occupies on the global gold market is strategically important given its growth potential. Taken together, the watchmaking industry, a major employer generating over 55,000 full time jobs in Switzerland, and the precious metal industry constitute a hub of high added value industrial practices that are mutually beneficial in helping them meet their objectives.