Supply chain and traceability

For the ASFCMP, traceability is a key element in the compliance system and guarantees the excellence of the industry.
In addition to the implementation of a strict legislative framework and severe standards, the association also campaigns for certification solutions using blockchain solutions.

  • The ASFCMP participates through its members in the implementation of the new strict standards, both in the context of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). The purpose of these standards is to provide better production conditions as well as respect for environmental standards and human rights.

  • The ASFCMP is also involved in supporting the development of a register based on a blockchain in partnership with the Swiss company aXedras, helping to ensure transparency and safety along the supply chain, from the mine to the refinery. This technology guarantees almost immediate traceability in an environment where numerous parties are involved. It also safeguards the integrity of gold products, enables B2B transactions to be processed using the same data (with a unique source of truth), guarantees the confidentiality of business transactions and integrates the security characteristics of gold products. This system also means duplicate bars can be detected.

Different members of the Associations have issued their own standard with the same aim, but specific to their needs.