Code of conduct

As is the case for all materials, the processing, production and use of precious metals may have positive or negative impacts on the environment, society and the economy in general.

The role, responsibility and added value of products made from precious metals depend directly on the principles put in place by the importers, refiners-smelters, manufacturers and users of precious metals, and the members of our Association (the “Members of the ASFCMP“).

The Members of the ASFCMP commit the following the principles set out below:

  1. Ethical trading: forced labour, child labour, exploitation or unfair discrimination shall not be tolerated. The highest standards shall be applied in the field of occupational health and safety, and in production. We support the promotion of human rights in all our operations and business dealings and apply humane working and social conditions. We also commit to work rigorously against any activity which causes, finances or supports illegal armed conflict or terrorism. We are committed to fair competition and tackling corruption.
  2. Regulatory compliance and continuous development of procedures in place: developing chemically safe and environmentally friendly operations as part of the processing and production of precious metals and their products. We comply with the Law on the control of precious metals (LCMP) and the Swiss anti-money laundering act (LBA), and we take strict measures to combat fraud, theft, corruption and contributions to armed conflicts.
  3. Responsible use of resources: we commit to determining the life cycle of precious metals as well as their use in the products manufactured by our companies, to encourage innovation in order to better understand and control the impacts on the environment, society and the economy throughout their lifespan.
  4. Communication and transparency: we commit to communicating openly in the field of precious metals and to fostering understanding among the various social stakeholders.


The Members of the ASFCMP agree to incorporate these principles in their own business activities. The Association shall not, however, be held liable for the non-compliant actions of any of its members, and reserves the right to take action against any violations.



Chairman:   Cédric Léger

Vice-chairman: Christoph Wild



Updated during the General meeting held on 26th June 2019